Wildfire Management Overlay

The Wildfire Management Overlay (WMO) is a risk management tool which seeks to ensure appropriate development and land management in areas of high fire intensity. It is intended to ensure that development in areas of high fire intensity has appropriate:

  • Water supply
  • Access
  • Building siting and design
  • Fuel-reduced areas around buildings.

The WMO has the effect of requiring planning permits for a number of land use activities and for some buildings and works.

It applies to select areas within the Borough of Queenscliffe. The areas that are subject to the overlay are generally through the Narrows, Queenscliff, extending down to the eastern end of Bowen Road, Point Lonsdale and to areas along and to the north of Ocean Road, Point Lonsdale.

The WMO sets out a series of objectives and outcomes for buildings and works associated with specific uses and for subdivisions. A planning permit application must demonstrate that the objectives and outcomes have been considered and incorporated in a proposal.

Where a planning permit is required for a development/use, Council is required to refer the application to the Country Fire Authority for advice.

Council has prepared an information sheet on the WMO which is available for download.

For further enquiries regarding the Wildfire Management Overlay, please contact Council's Planning Department.