Council’s e-waste drop-off day continues to build

Thursday, 07 June 2018

Council’s annual e-waste drop-off day continues to build year on year, with Borough ratepayers bringing 9,758 kilograms of old, broken and unwanted electronic waste items to the 2018 event.

Borough of Queenscliffe Mayor, Cr Susan Salter, joined the queue to dispose of her e-waste responsibly.

“Because of our dedicated and conscientious ratepayers, Council has collected a total of 56,429 kilograms of e-waste since we introduced the drop-off event in 2012,” said Cr Salter.

“That’s a significant amount of e-waste being recycled instead of going to landfill.”

“My congratulations to everyone involved. It was great to see so many of our ratepayers in the queue at this year’s event,” said Cr Salter.

The total weight of e-waste items received at Council’s 2018 drop-off day is an increase of almost 18 per cent compared to last year’s event. This builds on the increase of 11.5% from the 2016 to 2017 events.

The e-waste received at the 2018 drop-off day was made up of:

  • 5,741 kilograms of televisions and computer monitors
  • 484 kilograms of hard drives, laptops and keyboards
  • 1,681 kilograms of printers
  • 70 kilograms of electrical cords/keyboards
  • 1,782 kilograms of household appliances such as radios, telephones and power tools

Community feedback on the popular annual event continues to very positive.

E-waste collected at Council’s drop-off day is recycled by ToxFree. ToxFree’s technologies and processes ensure that maximum recycling and recovery of the hazardous and valuable materials contained in electronic waste items takes place in Australia.

‘E-waste is growing up to three times faster than general municipal waste in Australia,” said Cr Salter.

“Our annual e-waste drop-off day is a proactive community event that helps to maintain our pristine coasts and waterways, and contributes to the environmental health of the nation.”

The Victorian Government has committed to a ban on e-waste in landfill that will commence on 1 July 2019.