Relocation of existing cabins at Queenscliff

Thursday, 09 November 2017

The Borough of Queenscliffe Council recently considered a report regarding the relocation of existing cabins and caravan park managers’ residence at the Queenscliff Recreation Reserve, presented at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 26 October 2017.

Council examined possible options for relocating the existing cabins located at the Queenscliff Recreation Reserve (QRR). The QRR contains seven cabins, two of which are old and the other five which are in good condition.

Council endorsed the overflow camping area at Golightly Park as the preferred site for the relocation of these five existing cabins from the Queenscliff Recreation Reserve.

Council also confirmed the south eastern portion of the Queenscliff Recreation Reserve as the preferred site for 10 eco-cabins as part of the ‘Destination Queenscliff’ project.

A copy of Council’s report is available to view on Please refer to the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on Thursday 26 October 2017.