Harold and Mavis

Harold and Mavis

Harold and Mavis have been hanging around here for years, enjoying the coastal environment and wetlands of Swan Bay. They have a huge network of friends and family here and say the social scene is great.

The area has been internationally recognised as a very significant habitat for water birds and is listed on the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance.

"Nearly 200 species of birds have been seen in Swan Bay so there is always plenty of action. Many fly in and out with the seasons but we coexist really well," says Mavis.

The weather is mild in summer (13 - 22 degrees celcius) and cosy in winter (6.5 - 13.5 degrees celcius).

"When the sea breeze picks up we need to nestle down into the feathers but it's lovely, clean fresh air," explains Harold.

Swan Bay is a beautiful place to live. They love to take a quiet stroll along the shores of the Bay from Queenscliff to enjoy the wetlands, the other wildlife and the gorgeous sunsets.

"We also love to watch the passer-bys, the fishermen, sailors, divers and the artists trying to capture the essence of this serene environment."