Organisation structure

There are approximately 63 staff employed by the Borough of Queenscliffe; however, many are part time. There is the equivalent of 40 full-time positions.

Executive Management Team

Council's Executive Management Team is led by the Chief Executive Officer and includes the General Manager of Planning and Infrastructure and the General Manager of Organisational Performance and Community Services.

Chief Executive Officer

Lenny Jenner was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer in October 2008. His qualifications include a Master of Arts (Social Policy), Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts (Recreation).

As Chief Executive Officer, Lenny has overall responsibility for ensuring that Council is fully informed on issues and oversees the structures and processes adopted by Council.

General Manager Organisational Performance and Community Services

Phillip Carruthers was appointed to the position in July 2017. Phillip has completed a number of formal educational qualifications that include a Master in Business Administration and post graduate qualifications in commercial law.

As General Manager Organisational Performance and Community Services, Phillip is responsible for several diverse portfolios including Corporate Services, Governance, Finance, Risk Management, Information Technology, Aged Care, Children and Family Services, Tourism & Community Development, Arts & Culture, Events, Caravan Parks, Customer Service and Records.

General Manager Planning and Infrastructure

Phil Josipovic was appointed to the position in November 2011. Phil's qualifications include a Masters in Business Administration and a Certificate of Technology in Civil Engineering.

As General Manager Planning & Infrastructure, Phil is responsible for overseeing the operations of the foreshore, planning, engineering, local laws, building surveying, environmental health services and sustainability functions of Council.

In addition to the management of functions and resources, the role involves providing professional advice to Council on a range of statutory matters.

Refer to the Organisation Chart to see all the roles of Council officers.