• Community Environment Alliance


  • IGA logo

    Andrew Gaylard

    Point Lonsdale IGA

    I aim to reduce electricity consumption by 7% by installing LEDs and improving efficiencies in refrigeration.

  • Andrew Kidd

    YMCA Camp Wyuna

    I will continue to educate staff and camp guests on ways to reduce their energy usage

  • Bellarine Masonic Centre


    We will reduce power consumption with solar power, recycle where possible and reduce our water and gas usage.

  • Borough of Queenscliffe

    We will continue to reduce emissions from Council operations.

  • Graeme Jones

    Point Lonsdale resident

    I will walk or cycle whenever possible, maintain a vegetable garden and compost all my food and garden waste

  • Lorraine Golightly

    Lorraine Golightly

    Big 4 Beacon Resort

    I will install 65kw of solar panels at Big 4 Beacon Resort

  • matt crawley

    Matt Crawley

    Bellarine Catchment Network

    We will work with the community on revegetating the Bellarine Rail Trail and develop a Coastcare Environment Day with Point Lonsdale Primary School.

  • Sarah Randall

    Mike & Sarah Randall

    South Bay Eco Adventures

    I will educate locals and visitors about our unique and diverse environment

  • Hank Renzenbrink cropped

    Hank Renzenbrink

    Sea All Dolphin Swims

    We will collect unwanted wetsuits from the public and send them for recycling and promote this service throughout the community.

  • Peter Crook

    Point Lonsdale resident

    I will investigate installation of solar panels, solar hot water and energy efficient lighting in my home.

  • Peter Fayers

    Point Lonsdale resident

    I will cycle to the local shops, compost my food and garden waste and choose energy efficient appliances.

  • Phoebe Howe cropped

    Phoebe Howe

    Australian Youth Climate Coalition

    I will work with the Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale communities when required to assist them in this important work.

  • point lonsdale christmas tree

    Point Lonsdale Christmas Tree Committee

    Replace incandescent globes with LED festoons

  • Queenscliff Community Indigenous Plant Nursery

    We will continue to reuse our soil and pots, remove all recyclables from the waste bin and use our compost bins and worm farms for our organic waste.

  • queenscliffe herald

    Queenscliffe Herald

    Continue to promote the actions and partners of the Community Environment Alliance

  • Maritime Museum

    Queenscliffe Maritime Museum

    We will investigate ways to reduce electricity usage in the Museum through LED lighting and solar panels.

  • queenscliff primary school

    Queenscliff Primary School

    We will use our ‘Guardians of the Borough’ program to care for our environment and community

  • Uniting Church

    Queenscliff-Point Lonsdale Congregation

    We will install solar panels, install energy efficient lighting and draught-proof our Church Hall.

  • Richard & Mary Clark

    Queenscliff residents

    We will continue to compost our household food waste and recycle all newspapers, bottles, cans and plastics.

  • st aloysius

    St Aloysius Catholic Primary School

    We will participate in education programs that teach and build knowledge of sustainable actions

  • Stuart Miller

    Stuart Miller

    Stuart Miller Design Solutions

    I will continue to educate the community on how to build sustainable homes

  • Susan Salter

    Borough of Queenscliffe Councillor

    I will plant another orchard and continue to work in the community vegetable garden

  • swan bay environment association photo

    Swan Bay Environment Association

    To ensure Swan Bay remains in its natural state, promote indigenous plants within the Borough and the Bellarine Peninsula and develop ‘Gardens for Wildlife’ within the Borough of Queenscliffe.

  • tony baenziger

    Tony Baenziger

    Point Lonsdale resident

    I will continue to educate community members on the benefits of sustainable design.

Community Environment Alliance

What is the Community Environment Alliance?

The Community Environment Alliance is a group of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale locals who are working together to reduce carbon emissions. Our aim is for the Borough of Queenscliffe to be a carbon neutral community by 2020.

Carbon neutral is where emissions are effectively reduced to zero. Such reduction can happen through a combination of: Reducing electricity and gas usage; Using solar or wind power; Offsetting any remaining emissions.

How does the Alliance work?

The Alliance is a partnership of community members. It belongs to the community.

Every person, business and community group can be involved by becoming an alliance partner.

As a partner, you'll be asked to sign a commitment to complete an action to reduce your impact on our environment. This action might be a simple change to your daily habits or working with others as part of a larger commitment.

As an Alliance partner, Council will oversee the program by recruiting new partners, promoting Alliance activities and securing funding to deliver projects. Council will also deliver a number of actions from the Council plan and the Corporate Neutral Action Plan.

Why should you join the Alliance?

Every one of us can take action. We can play a role in protecting our natural assets for our children and grandchildren.

Now is the time to take action. Now is the time to ensure our environment is sustainable.

By making a commitment to the Alliance, you'll be joining a coordinated local campaign to shape a more sustainable future. The idea is to 'think globally and act locally'

Download your copy of the Community Commitment Sheet here and make a pledge today.

Community Environment Alliance Grants Program

The Community Environment Alliance Grants program supports local, non-profit organisations and groups to reduce their carbon emissions and preserve the Borough’s natural environment.

Find out more here.

Current Projects

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