Nuisance complaints

At some point in time we may be affected by a nuisance of one form or another. Council's Environmental Health Department has the ability to deal with certain types of nuisances such as smoke, odour, dust or noise. When asking Council to investigate a nuisance, it helps to provide as much information as possible to assist Council officers with their investigation.

Lodging a complaint

If you are experiencing an ongoing nuisance, whether it is noise, odour, smoke or some other type of nuisance, please complete a nuisance complaint diary. The diary, which will support the investigation, should be completed for a minimum of two weeks before being submitted to Council (unless, of course, there is an immediate risk to public health).

To lodge your complaint, please contact the Environmental Health Department or submit it in writing to the attention of the Environmental Health Officer.

Domestic noise complaints

Domestic noise and commercial noise are dealt with differently. If you have issues around noise that is generated from a commercial premises then refer to the Environmental Protection Authority of Victoria Annoyed by Noise Publication 406.3.

You can contact the EPA Regional Office on 03 5226 4825.

Alternatively, you can complete a nuisance complaint diary and speak to Council's Environmental Health Officer on 03 5258 1377.

Out of hours noise

If you feel that the noise is significantly affecting your health and wellbeing, contact the Queenscliff Police Station for assistance on 03 5258 4285.

Noise in relation to licensed venues

For noise complaints relating to licensed venues, please contact Liquor Licensing Victoria on 1300 650 367 or the Queenscliff Police Station on 03 5258 4285.

Sewage overflows and blockages

Please notify Barwon Water, 1300 656 007, of any sewage overflows or blockages.