Food premises - temporary

A temporary food premises is a temporary stall or tent from which food is sold, such as at a market or festival. It can be any structure that is not permanently fixed to a site. A mobile food premises can be a vehicle such as a van, trailer or cart from which food is sold.

There has been a recent change to the process for registering a temporary or mobile food business under the Food Act. Streatrader, an initiative of the Department of Health, allows you to complete registration forms, notifications forms and statements of trades online. Please visit the Streatrader website or phone your local Council on 03 5258 1377 for more information.

If you operate a food van, food stall, food vending machines or a drinking water carting business, you need only register with, or notify, one Council to be able to operate State-wide.

Please register with your 'principal' council in the district:

  • In which your business prepares or stores food that is to be sold at a van, stall, or vending machine
  • If food is not usually prepared or stored beforehand by your business – in the district in which you usually store the equipment for a stall, or garage your food van or water transport vehicle
  • If none of the above apply – in the district where your usual business address is
  • If none of the above are in Victoria – the district in which the food van, water transport vehicle, stall or vending machines will first operate in Victoria.

Once registered, 10 days before the event you will need to lodge a statement of trade with each municipality you wish to trade in. Throughout Victoria there will be no fee for the lodgement of a statement of trade.

Please remember that you will need to comply with any local laws or planning laws in the council area where you intend to trade.

For further information, please contact the Environmental Health Department.