Food Safety

It is a requirement that food businesses must be registered under the Food Act 1984 (except Class 4 food businesses, which require notification). The Borough of Queenscliffe is committed to ensuring that registered food businesses provide safe and suitable food and undertakes the following functions in relation to food safety:

  • Works with food proprietors towards ensuring that all food being sold, manufactured or stored is safe for human consumption and aims to reduce the incidence of foodborne diseases
  • Registers businesses under the Food Act 1984 (any business or person who prepares, sells, manufactures or packages food for public consumption)
  • Regularly inspects food businesses to ensure compliance with food safety legislation, standards and codes of practice
  • Investigates food-related complaints.
  • Advises food businesses of relevant food recall details
  • Undertakes food sampling to determine the presence of harmful bacteria, foreign objects or incorrect labelling
  • Monitors food stalls, markets, fairs and festivals
  • Provides general advice and information for food businesses and community groups (mobile and temporary food businesses).

For those of you who spend time in the kitchen, it is useful to have an understanding of potential risks that may arise. Please refer to the Food poisoning and how to prevent it information sheet.

Food premises complaints

A complaint should be registered with Council if you attend a food premises within the Borough of Queenscliffe and encounter any of the following:

  • Adulteration of the food
  • Poor food handling
  • Food contamination

Please refer to the Complaints page to lodge a complaint or contact Council's Environmental Health Officer. Reports are treated with confidence and will be investigated.

Food recalls

Food business have a duty of care not to sell unsafe or unsuitable food. Food recalls occur due to a number of reasons i.e. the presence of undeclared allergens, microbial contamination, foreign objects or for quality purposes. Please take the time to view this food recall video produced by FSANZ and the Department of Health regarding how the recall process works and what to do in the event the food recall occurs.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and food safety

The Food Standards Australia New Zealand website contains a page dedicated to COVID-19 and how it relates to food safety. FSANZ has said "Transmission through food is unlikely and there is no evidence of this occurring with novel coronavirus to date, however investigations into how the virus spreads are continuing." The site also lists precautionary recommendations issued by the World Health Organization that include advice on good hygiene practices during food handling and preparation.

The Victorian Department of Health & Human Services is providing daily updates on COVID-19 and we are guided by their knowledge and leadership in this space.

New hospitality industry guidelines for COVID-19

On 26 May 2020 the Victorian Government released the Hospitality Industry Guidelines for Coronavirus (COVID-19) to assist cafes, restaurants and other food and drink facilities to resume serving meals via table service for up to 20 patrons from 1 June.

Developed in collaboration with industry, the guidelines assist businesses to prepare to safely resume operations in accordance with the easing of restrictions and build confidence in the community that it is safe to eat out.

Click here for all the guidelines, templates, fact sheets and more.