Council Meetings

As a general rule, Council conducts its monthly Ordinary Meeting on a Thursday commencing at 7.00pm. These meetings are held in the Queenscliff Town Hall. Members of the public are welcome to attend. Meeting dates are available here.

Council may also call Special Meetings to discuss a specific topic as well as Planning Review Meetings, if required, to discuss planning applications.

In line with Council's commitment to reduce corporate carbon emissions, the number of gallery copies of the Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda made available has been reduced to five. 

Legislative requirements

Under section 83 of the Local Government Act (1989) the Council may hold:

  1. ordinary meetings at which general business of the Council may be transacted; and
  2. special meetings at which the business specified in the notice calling the meeting may be transacted.

Under Section 89 of the Local Government Act (1989) unless any of the following conditions apply, any meeting of a Council or a special committee must be open to members of the public.

A Council or special committee may resolve that the meeting be closed to members of the public if the meeting is discussing any of the following:

  1. personnel matters;
  2. the personal hardship of any resident or ratepayer;
  3. industrial matters;
  4. contractual matters;
  5. proposed developments;
  6. legal advice;
  7. matters affecting the security of Council property;
  8. any other matter which the Council or special committee considers would prejudice the Council or any person;
  9. a resolution to close the meeting to members of the public.

Conduct of meetings

Council meetings are conducted as per the procedures defined in Part 5, Division 3 of Local Law No. 1.

Public questions

Council meetings are open to members of the public. If you intend to address Council at a meeting, please familiarise yourself with the Public Question Time Proforma and Guidelines. See 'How do I participate' for details.