What do you think of Council’s Local Laws?

Council is reviewing its Local Laws to ensure that they meet the current and future demands of our community. Local laws are designed to respond to local issues and community needs to ensure cohesive community outcomes for the benefit of the area as a whole.

Council has two Local Laws. These are:

Local Law No 1, 2010 – Processes of Municipal Governance.

This law deals with governance issues, including:
• election of the Mayor
• Council Meetings, including agenda’s, minutes and meeting procedure
• use of the Council’s Common Seal

You can review Local Law 1 here.


Local Law No 2, 2010 – Community Amenity.

This law deals with a huge variety of issues including:

• the protection of Council land and assets
• general amenity, environment and health
• roads and traffic
• the keeping of animals
• general administration and enforcement

You can review Local Law 2 here.


We are initially seeking your views on what you believe is working well or not with regard to the current Local Laws and what you see as needing either more control or less control over the coming years. This information will help us to draft new Local Laws to ensure that the Borough of Queenscliffe remains a great place to live, work and visit.

We are now seeking your response to 4 general questions:
• What areas of the current Local Laws do you believe are working well?
• What areas of the current Local Laws do you believe are not working well?
• What issues would you like to see regulated in the new Local laws?
• What issues should not be regulated in the new Local laws?

Your personal information is being collected by Council for the purpose of engaging you about this local law review and will not be used for any other purpose. Please click here to complete the survey.

This survey will close COB on Friday 23 August.

It is expected that the new draft Local Laws will undergo formal consultation in January/February 2020. It is planned that the process of consultation, review and implementation will be completed by July 2020.

Let us know what you think