Destination Queenscliff

Improving accessibility and open space in the Ocean View Precinct will make this much-loved place more welcoming for everyone.


Last updated: April 2020
Current status: On hold


It's recently become apparent that the Destination Queenscliff project will no longer be able to meet the milestones required by the existing Commonwealth funding agreement, especially with the work restrictions and financial challenges posed by the pandemic.

Council has therefore worked with the Commonwealth Government to agree to a mutual termination of the funding agreement for the project at the end of this financial year. This will effectively put a hold on those areas of the project covered by the Commonwealth funding agreement, including the Ocean View car park refurbishments and improvements to the bull ring. Areas covered by other funding agreements, such as improvement works on the southern end of Hesse Street, are continuing in line with the designs you helped us produce.

We're looking forward to revisiting this project with you after things get back to normal.



We love the parks and open spaces along our coastline – they’re part of what makes Queenscliff such a special place. And the Ocean View precinct, with its fantastic views, historic lighthouse and direct access to Hesse Street, is a favourite.

But while the area has a lot to love, we’re looking at ways to make the existing Ocean View precinct more welcoming to everyone. Destination Queenscliff is focused on making the site more accessible for pedestrians, honouring the significance of the remembrance markers, and creating more spaces to spend time in the fresh air. An improved design will help ensure this treasured part of our community remains special and accessible for years to come.


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Consultation outcomes

You shared more than 3,000 pieces of feedback with us during last year's Destination Queenscliff consultation. We passed your feedback onto a design team, and they've used it to improve the design for the future of the Ocean View precinct.

The updated design incorporates a range of your ideas, including:

Gardensicon 01 More native plantings and gardens, along with pathways to explore the landscape.
Eaticon 01 Sheltered places to sit, eat and play near the kiosk and bull ring.
Carparkicon 01 Car parks that retain existing views and locations.
Cabinicon 01 More space and landscaping around the cabins.
Cypresstreeicon Decking and landscaping that protects the existing cypress trees at the bull ring.

We're about to start planning processes to get this project under way, but we wanted to share the design with you first. Click the image below to view a full-size copy of the plans, and read more about how we've used your feedback to complete the design. You can also share your thoughts on the plans using the feedback form on the right.

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How your feedback has improved the design

The design for the project incorporates feedback we received during previous rounds of consultation. Here's what the project will look like, and how we've used your ideas in the design:

  1. Bull Ring
    You said you wanted this space to include shade, seating and opportunities for reflection. We've responded by including a tiered, grass-covered design under the existing cypress trees where visitors can sit, reflect, and take in the view.
  2. Coastal Cabins
    You said you wanted the cabins to be spaced further apart and integrated into the landscape. We've responded by giving the cabins more space and surrounding them with new bushland planting.
  3. Hesse Street Plaza
    You said you wanted the kiosk to be accessible to pedestrians and include opportunities for outdoor seating. This public plaza includes seating and a copse of trees for shade and weather protection.
  4. Kiosk
  5. Office / Administration
  6. Caravan Park Amenities
  7. Public Toilet
  8. Heritage Memorial Walk
  9. Foreshore Green
    You said you wanted areas where visitors could enjoy the site outside a car. We've responded by including a green open space.
  10. Ocean View Carpark
    You said this site was an important car parking space for beach access and events. We've responded by retaining the same number of car parks throughout the design.
  11. Cultural Landscape / Coastal Trailhead
    You said you wanted to expand the area's natural landscapes. We’ve responded by introducing large sections of native vegetation, including new native tree groves, and more pathways for visitors to explore the landscape.
  12. Hesse Street and Fort Forecourt
  13. Monahan Sporting Complex
    Sports clubs told us access to this site could be improved, so we've responded with a more accessible entrance.
  14. Shared Space / Front View Car Park
    You said you wanted parking spaces where you could view the Rip from a parked car, and repurpose for ANZAC Day events. We've responded by including a cliff top car park that has great views and a solid surface for events.
  15. Timber Deck
    You said you love the cypress trees at this spot, so we've included a raised timber deck to protect their roots from foot traffic.
  16. Commando Memorial
  17. Raised Pedestrian Priority Cross Over
  18. Disabled / Accessible Parking
  19. Lovers Walk

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Next steps

We'll collect any feedback we receive and use it to complete the final design details for the project. Council will also begin working through the planning stages in the coming months, and construction is expected to begin this year with initial works in Hesse Street.

We'll provide further updates as the project progresses. To receive project updates directly to your email address, visit queenscliffe.vic.gov.au/stayintouch