Destination Queenscliff / Hesse Street South

Improving accessibility and open space in the Ocean View Precinct will make this much-loved place more welcoming for everyone.


Last updated: July 2020
Current status: Hesse Street South improvement works commenced


It's recently become apparent that the Destination Queenscliff project will no longer be able to meet the milestones required by the existing Commonwealth funding agreement, especially with the work restrictions and financial challenges posed by the pandemic.

Council has therefore worked with the Commonwealth Government to agree to a mutual termination of the funding agreement for the project at the end of this financial year. This will effectively put a hold on those areas of the project covered by the Commonwealth funding agreement, including the Ocean View car park refurbishments and improvements to the bull ring. Areas covered by other funding agreements, such as improvement works on the southern end of Hesse Street, are continuing in line with the designs you helped us produce.

We're looking forward to revisiting this project with you after things get back to normal.



The Hesse Street South upgrade project is now currently underway. The project includes a range of upgrades to Hesse Street south of King Street, including moving power lines underground, improving street lighting and drainage, creating 16 extra parking spaces, and planting new trees. Together, these works will make Hesse Street safer for cars and pedestrians while improving the visual appeal of the streetscape.

You can view the design plan for the area below by opening the "Design Plans" tab at the bottom of this page. Item number 12 on the plan shows the area where these works are taking place.

More information about the project can be found at the Federal Government's Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development website.


Hesse St South 


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