Destination Queenscliff

Improving accessibility and open space in the Ocean View Precinct will make this much-loved place more welcoming for everyone.


Last updated: August 2019
Current status: Concept design being completed.


We love the parks and open spaces along our coastline – they’re part of what makes Queenscliff such a special place. And the Ocean View precinct, with its fantastic views, historic lighthouse and direct access to Hesse Street, is a favourite.

But while the area has a lot to love, we’re looking at ways to make the existing Ocean View precinct more welcoming to everyone. By making the site more accessible for pedestrians, honouring the significance of the remembrance markers, and creating more spaces to spend time in the fresh air, we can make the Ocean View precinct a treasure for residents, and a destination for everyone.


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What we're working on now

We're recently concluded a round of consultation for this project. The project design team are currently using this feedback to product a preliminary concept design for the project.

Once the preliminary concept for the project is created, we'll share the design with you, along with a feedback report and information about how your feedback influenced the design.

You'll also have the opportunity to provide additional comments on the preliminary concept – we'll let you know how you can do this when we share the concept with you.


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Project background

Destination Queenscliff will ensure that the precinct made up of Shortland’s Bluff, Fort Queenscliff and Ocean View is recognised as one of the most magnificent coastal locations in Victoria. The key elements of the project include:

  • Construction of a new kiosk/café and public toilets;
  • 10 new high quality accommodation lodgings;
  • Cultural landscaping and paths in the Queenscliff Lighthouse Reserve;
  • Ship viewing platforms
  • Upgrades to the car park and the southern end of Hesse Street;
  • Improvement of public open space areas; and
  • Lighting of the historic Fort Queenscliff wall.