A safer crossing for Gellibrand Street

Monday, 30 December 2019

Council heard our community's feedback from our 2020–21 budget survey: improving footpaths should be a priority for Council. We agree. Better footpaths are an important part of making our community more accessible – so we're taking this feedback on board and dedicating more of our attention to expanding footpaths in our community.

In particular, we've heard from residents around Gellibrand Street that walking along and crossing the road can be dangerous. Council investigated, and found the average driving speed on Gellibrand Street is almost ten kilometres per hour above the speed limit. We're therefore looking to install a zebra crossing and related traffic calming features near the crossroad of Gellibrand Street and Hobson Street.

This will link pedestrians from Queenscliff's beaches, piers and parkland to shops and restaurants in a safe manner. This installation will slow down vehicles and promote foot traffic, as well as encouraging drivers to journey via Hesse Street, where they can enjoy greater visibility of our town's retail offerings.

Before we get to work though, we want to hear what residents think. You can view the plans and provide feedback:

Consultation is open until the end of the day on Sunday 19 January.