Kerbside recycling collection

When does Council collect recycling?

Council collects recycling from Monday through to Thursday. For the collection day in your street, please refer to the collection map.

Where do I get my recycling bin?

Council supplies all rateable residential properties with a 120-litre recycling bin.

What can I recycle?

You can now recycle more items than ever before using your kerbside recycling bin. Visit Council’s A–Z Recycling and Waste Guide for a comprehensive list of items that can go in your kerbside three-bin system.

Remember that when putting items into your recycling bin:

  • All containers must be empty
  • There's no need to rinse — just scrape clean
  • Don't put motor oil or hazardous chemical containers into your bin
  • Keep recycling loose – don't use plastic bags.

Borough residents are making a major difference to the environment through their recycling efforts. Our collection of recycling continues to rise, while our contamination rates remain very low. Keep up the great work!