Preparing for Climate Change

Our small coastal community is surrounded by water on three sides, so we are particularly vulnerable to risks associated with climate change, such as from storm surges and sea level rise.

The Borough of Queencliffe recognises this vulnerability and has been taking steps to ensure that its population is prepared for and adapted to changes in climate.

What is Council doing to prepare for climate change?

In 2010, using Australian Government funding, Council carried out a climate change risk assessment on Council assets and services and developed a local adaptation action plan to respond to those risks.

The local adaptation action plan, titled Preparing for Climate Change in the Borough of Queenscliffe: Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan, helps Council to:

  • Identify and prioritise climate change risks to Council operations, services and activities
  • Identify adaptation actions to improve the resilience of Council
  • Identify opportunities to engage with stakeholders and the community on further adaption efforts.

How does the adaptation action plan work?

The adaptation action plan contains 36 adaptation actions to address Council's highest-rating climate change risks.

The adaption actions address the following broad areas:

  • Water and energy efficiency
  • The climate resilience of essential infrastructure
  • The long-term protection and enhancement of public open space
  • Protecting local properties and assets from sea level rise
  • Community resilience to increased heat and flooding risks
  • Protecting at-risk coastal and inland habitats
  • Weed and pest control and the protection of biodiversity corridors.

The actions are divided into two groups for implementation – short-term actions (2010–2013) and long-term actions (2013–2017).

Need more information?

Please contact Council's Sustainability Officer.