Queenscliffe Heritage Advisory Service and Restoration Fund


Want to fund your low-level restoration through the Queenscliffe Heritage Advisory Service?

Have a read through the information below, and if this sounds like something you might be interested in, have a chat to Council's Planning Team by calling (03) 5258 1377.

They'll be able to give you initial advice and provide you with a form where you can detail your site and any proposed works.


The Queenscliffe Heritage Advisory Service was introduced by the Victorian Government in 1980. At the same time, a Restoration Fund was established to provide grants and low-interest loans to assist property owners to carry out approved restoration work.

The Borough of Queenscliffe Planning Scheme incorporates many recommendations of an Urban Conservation Study undertaken in 1984 which provides the basis for the work of the Heritage Advisory Service. A considerable body of restoration work has been carried out over the years, much of it supported and encouraged by the Service. This has greatly influenced the appearance of the Borough today.

Heritage Advisory Service

The Heritage Advisory Service is a partnership between State and Local Government and is funded jointly by the Borough of Queenscliffe and Heritage Victoria.

The Heritage Advisor is an architect experienced in building conservation with detailed knowledge of buildings in the Borough. Advice is provided to the Council on proposals affecting the heritage precincts and buildings listed in the Queenscliffe Planning Scheme. This may concern precincts, individual buildings, trees or other elements in the streetscape.

The Heritage Advisor is available to consult with building owners, prospective purchasers, builders and designers. The Advisor may be able to assist in the following ways:

  • Advising on colour schemes
  • Locating early photographs of buildings to assist in restoration
  • Designing building elements such as fences, verandas and suitable extensions and alterations in styles to match particular buildings
  • Preparing sketches for suitable extensions and alterations
  • Listing names of local suppliers or contractors for specialist building conservation work
  • Identifying building problems and recommending solutions
  • Identifying sources of funding for restoration works.
  • Recommending appropriate materials and finishes.

To make an appointment with the Borough's Heritage Advisor please contact Customer Service on 03 5258 1377.

What house is that?

What house is that? identifies housing styles from early Victorian to Modern and provides specific information on each style. It provides an understanding of the development of our built heritage, as well as sections on paint schemes, how to make your home more energy efficient and how to avoid mistakes when renovating.


Queenscliffe Heritage Restoration Fund

The Queenscliffe Heritage Restoration Fund offers low interest loans for the restoration or enhancement of historic buildings or works within the town. The urgency and importance of the works are the main criteria. Repairs and maintenance to unusual features often have a high priority.

New works could include the reinstatement of a missing veranda, but would not include extensions or a new kitchen.

The fund is not intended as the primary source for paying for the usual maintenance costs associated with properties. It is there to assist owners with any additional costs they may incur associated with repairs and maintenance of a heritage place.

Queenscliffe Heritage Restoration Fund Applications

Initial enquiries for assistance under the terms of the Queenscliffe Heritage Restoration Fund, should be directed to Council's Town Planning Team.

An application will then be required and will need to include a description of the site and why it is of architectural or historic importance. It will also require a description of the project including documentation of the proposed works and three quotations or firm estimates of costs.

For a copy of the application form or for further information please contact Council's Town Planning Team on 03 5258 1377.